Pursuit of happiness, do you know what you’re running after ?

Lately, one of my favorite song (okay it’s not super cultural/deep lyrics but that’s not the matter) that sticks into my head is “Pursuit of Happiness” from Kid Cudi, remix by MGMT and Ratatat (by the way Ratatat is just awesome, I definitely recommend their albums). Listening to it over and over again, I started to interest myself to the topic of happiness and the desperate pursuit of it we all have.

If you want to listen to it while reading this post, here is the YouTube video:

So, what I wanted to share is actually more than just this song. When comes the time I have an idea or a question and no one around to discuss it live, I go to my best online friend – Google – and ask him “what’s the pursuit of happiness ?”. And surprisingly, in the middle of several posts from depressed people who lost the love of their lives and just express anger to the world, I came across an interesting natural search result snippet:

Happiness doesn't exist

I had free time to spend so I decided to have a look and read the post. At the end of my read, I was impressed how clear/easy things could actually be when it comes to the notion of happiness. David, the author of the post and owner of Raptitude.com, based his reflexion on Buddhism culture (without promoting this religion/way of thinking more than another) to explain that happiness doesn’t come from something you need to have or add in your life, but more from removing the “unease” that makes you “suffer”.

And I have to admit that I never thought this way before. As probably most of the people from my culture and generation, I am always trying to achieve goals and/or fulfil needs to “feel” happy. But this could be a vicious circle, as you always want what you don’t have yet. Therefore, pursuit of happiness is a never ending quest… until you die ! Well, this is a lil’ black picture of the thing, but you got me !

As a consequence, I think I learned (or simply realized what I already knew but wouldn’t consider it as a solution) that maybe, it’s less complicated to identify what causes “unease” in life and either remove or deal with it. If the “unease” is gone, nothing then will stand by between people and happiness… (well until the next “unease”, we agree !).

The blog post is really easy to read and not so long, so if you have 10 min today or tomorrow, go for it: http://www.raptitude.com/2010/07/good-news-happiness-doesnt-exist/

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